All our Conveyors have a 2 year One Million Car Warranty

Conveyors must be installed securely Using not less than 3/8” thick 2” wide plates and/or legs. Welded at apposing corners of the conveyor’s vertical frames every five feet and each side of joining sections. Legs (bottom of frame to floor) longer than six inches should use ½” X 2 ½” steel or angle iron in 3/8” x 2” x 2”. Welds and imbedded steel should be solid to last for the life of conveyor.

All routine maintenance needs to be followed and performed as scheduled.

Conveyor pits need to be designed to keep mud away from conveyor and routine pit cleaning needs to be performed to keep all components clean.

All compressed air going to conveyor Cylinders (take up – roller up) needs to be clean, dry, and free from excessive oil.

Any modifications to the structure and/or components will void warranty, cutting into siderails to install tire brushes can be performed provided that proper under deck reinforcements are done. (We can build the conveyors with this reinforcement already in place).

Plastic rails are covered by this warranty but abuse and/or washing vehicles that do not fit (Wheels sticking out past rubber of tires, Low control arms, tie rods Etc.) can still Void coverage.

Bearings and couplers are not covered by warranty as we cannot verify that the proper care and greasing has been performed.

All rubber pieces are considered consumables and are not covered by warranty.

Hydraulic Components (Heco’s and Motors) are covered by Manufacturers.

Chain and roller are covered by the manufacturers.

Warranty covers Components but does not cover labor to replace warrantied component.

The Warranty does not cover any down time, lost revenue, damage to vehicle, damage to equipment, or injury to personnel/customer

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