Our smooth operating car wash conveyor is made to eliminate break downs and keep you open and profitable.

After 30 plus years doing Car Wash maintenance and seeing a lot of different equipment, I have seen things I liked and things that never worked as promised. Out of this experience I have built a long lasting, easy to maintain, smooth operating Car Wash conveyor. Made to eliminate break downs and keep you open and profitable, keeping your customers moving and satisfied. Keep your money coming in and allow your maintenance team the freedom to spend their time on other tasks.

Finally, a conveyer built to wash MILLIONS of cars, not thousands.

  • Utilizing superior products and design in construction
  • Constructed with thicker steel than any other conveyors on the market.
  • Utilizing double tapered roller bearings and other high-quality components some proprietary to our conveyors.
  • Longer intervals between required maintenance.
  • Easier to work on when needed.
  • Proprietary components built to last for millions of cars washed and all other components can be purchase locally. You do not have to buy everything from OEM.
  • More options in roller, chain, sprocket, and depth of conveyor. Options like 4 or 6 tooth X458 and 5 or 7 tooth Log chain.
  • Undoubtably the highest quality in construction and design, something we pride ourselves on.
  • Center sections are standard 20 foot long but can be ordered in any length to utilize the full conveyor pit.



“We run a location washing over 200 an hour on a regular basis with a track length of 210 feet this is a load too heavy for most brands and would require constant maintenance to keep open. We had Victory’s original conveyor for over 15 years, it washed over six million cars with it. When it became time, we went with Dave’s Victory Fabrication again. Not only did they improve on the design (building up and reinforcing), but they built it so we could swap out sections at a time (at night) and be open the next day.

Our new conveyor has an outside mounted Heco allowing the lateral load of the drive sprocket to go to two heavy bearings one each side, leading to longer Heco life. We changed from a 6-tooth X458 to a 7-tooth log chain sprocket, allowing us longer life with less wear and needed maintenance.

We are using Dave’s Victory Fabrication for another replacement job at another wash location, and know this is the best decision for our needs.”

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“We have purchased two conveyors from Dave’s Victory Fabrication. The decision to do so was an easy one to make, we were needing some conveyors that were not only built to last, but could be serviced easily and would not let us down even when our demands on it increased.

The value we put on this conveyor is unmatched in the market, the cost was a bit higher than other brands, but the longevity and quality are unmatched. I personally ran a location with one of their conveyors and not only did it run smoothly at a car count over 200 per hour, it did so for 15 years, racking up over 6 million cars washed before replacing it with a newer improved model from Victory Fabrication. Replacement parts are available from Victory Fabrication and are built to last the life of the conveyor, other parts are easily sourced locally (by design), a feature we appreciate.

The options that are available from Victory make them an excellent choice for our future builds as we can utilize a taller conveyor in a deeper pit (28″) to use larger diameter sprockets, allowing for much longer life and less wear on the sprockets and chain.

Would we consider buying another conveyor from Dave’s Victory Fabrication. Yes, we already are drawing up plans for a new locations with this conveyor being the heart of its operation.”

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