The Series 45 Conveyor was made for the carwash operator that wants to wash cars, not fix a broken conveyor. Built solid and built to last.

A versatile conveyor run a 4-tooth X458 or a 5-tooth log chain, you can use a range of different style rollers an outrigger style or a top deck 4 roller style. any roller style with a height up to 3.5 inches and 10 inches max width.

Top deck made with ½” thick angle and plated with a ½” x 3 ½” were the rollers run making the top deck the thickest on the market at 1” thick. Lower levels of the conveyor are made with 1” x 2” solid bar.

The take up cylinders are agricultural hydraulic cylinders (sold locally almost everywhere) using air over oil to keep them lubricated. The take up runs 0n 3”x3”x1/2” UHMW sliding on same size stainless steel angle for consistent strait forward and back travel, keeping your sprocket perfectly aligned.

Roller up ramp built from ¾” steel and 1 3/8” stainless shaft also utilizes our proprietary roller up mechanism eliminating fatigue on the air cylinder and allowing for smooth maintenance free operation for years to come.

Drive sprocket is mounted to the Heco using a taper lock hub that allows for flipping the sprocket over to get more life out of it and uses a standard 4 pulse flag and multi volt ac dc sensor that can pivot out of the way and reset if debris gets caught around the sprocket. Take up rolls on 2″ double tapered roller bearings and uses a proprietary chain drum. These bearings have more running surface area and hold more grease allowing more time in between required maintenance.

Heavy-built return lid operates easily on two double taper roller bearings and allow for smaller or large rollers to return smoothly.

Outside rails are 2″ high density polyethylene rollers on 7/8″ stainless steel round bar.

Inside rails are 3″x3″x1/2″ UHMW angle bolted every foot with recessed 3/8″ bolts and nylock nuts.


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