Our top priority is keeping car washes open, customers satisfied, and car wash owners happy.

We provide car wash maintenance solutions that take care of your biggest problems. Please watch the video below or visit our conveyor pages for more information.

We keep your bottom line in mind.

With 30 years of professional washing and maintenance experience, we build the highest quality, longest lasting, and heaviest built car washing equipment in the industry. If you are a car wash owner, you want equipment built to last. 

  • We utilize the highest quality components and construction.
  • Undoubtedly the highest quality construction and design in the industry.
  • Longer intervals between required maintenance.
  • Easy to work on, easy to use.
  • More options, more solutions.
  • A safer, longer-lasting answer to maintenance problems.
  • Proven solutions to high volume washing and long run time.
  • Eliminate break downs and costly repairs = unmatched reliability.
  • Delivering top value and performance with superior products.

Looking for car wash equipment built to last? And car wash maintenance solutions you can trust?

Give us a call at (801) 372-3249 or email dave@davesvictoryfab.com today!